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Upcoming publications

"The Newly Discovered 'Six Guanyin' of Esoteric Buddhist Wall Painting in America" for Artibus Asiae

"The Original Meaning of 'p'o-mo' in the History of T'ang and Sung Painting and Its Musical and Calligraphical Origins" for Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies

"'Wei': The First Basic Principle for Compositional Structure in Early Chinese Painting and the Restoration of Xie He's Fifth Law" for Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies or T'oung Pao

"Second Postscript to the Chin Painting 'Dipankara's Prophecy for the Coming Buddha Sakyamuni.'"

"Some Art Historical Problems Concerning the Design and Production for the Textile Industry Under Strict Governmental Control in the Yüan Dynasty."

"The Diversity and Conversion of the 'ya' and 'shu' Tastes in Late Ming Literature and Art."

"The Political and Religious Struggle among the Ming Loyalist Painters in the Suchou Area during the Late Ming and Early Ch'ing Period."

"The Development of Chinese Portrait Painting: As Viewed from the Seater's Face Orientation."

"The Pictorial Theme 'Searching the Mountain' from Kao Yi to Liang Kai in Sung Dynasty: The Transformation of Erh-lang shen in the Histories of Taoism and Court Painting."

"Mi Fu Calligraphy and 'Chun-hua-ke tieh.'"

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